Named best diet for office workers with obesity

Diet without feeling hungry.

For modern people it is hard to keep yourself in good physical shape. Sedentary work, sleepless nights, lack of time, snacking on the go. All this inevitably affects the figure and the condition. But nutritionists call a diet that would be perfect for office workers and inhabitants of the metropolis, reports the with reference to

This diet is called Mediterranean. It includes a balanced mix of products that will help improve health, skin and hair. The Mediterranean diet will help restore vitality and vigor, and will give your forms to the ideal.

The biggest plus of this diet – it does not involve fasting and severe limitations.

Of course, she may not like it all. It is based on fish and seafood. Fish replaced the usual roast chicken and pork, which are banned.

Also, the diet included olive oil, seeds and sunflower seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs.

Plant foods should be as large as possible, including whole grains.

Particularly important in the Mediterranean diet are legumes, as are rich in nutrients, fiber and protein.

Meals should not be as salty. Salt can be replaced with herbs, spices, and herbs.

Moreover, you can even drink wine, but in small quantities.

People need to eat 4-5 times a day in small portions. Between meals you can eat fruits and milk products.

Additionally, it is recommended to do sports.

What would be banned:

Alcohol, processed foods, fast food, sauces, sweet pastries and products made with white flour, fried, smoked and canned.

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