Effective ways to reduce blood sugar levels

How to use folk remedies to lower blood sugar.

There is a healthful recipe based on milk and tincture of propolis. It is necessary within 10 days before going to bed drink half a Cup of warm milk with the addition of 15 drops of tincture of propolis. This course can be held twice a year, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on Voice.

The second recipe is based on yogurt and cinnamon. For two weeks in the morning half an hour before meals to drink a Cup of yogurt with the addition of one teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

Another recipe for the normalization of blood sugar — a decoction of oatmeal. One tablespoon of oat grain to pour a glass of water, bring to boil and cook on medium heat for 15 minutes. Strain the broth and cool, divided into three doses and drink during the day.

Regular intake of tea from the leaves of black currant normalizes the level of sugar in the blood. Need a handful of dried leaves of black currant pour boiling water and wait until it cools off a bit.

Effective decoction of leaves of bilberry. One tablespoon of chopped blueberry leaves pour two cups of boiling water, bring to the boil and allow to steep for several hours. To take medicinal decoction should half a Cup half an hour before meals.

Scientific studies have confirmed the ability of chicory to effectively reduce the level of sugar in the blood, so it is appropriate to introduce into your diet drink chicory.

Please note that in addition to the use of traditional medicine, it is necessary to adhere to the principles of good nutrition — to abandon flour, sweet, fatty and salty. Enter in your diet as many spices and legumes, they have proven to be an excellent medium for lowering the level of blood sugar.

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