Zelensky threatened to settle evacuated from Wuhan in the private residences of officials

Some politicians are inciting the people not to let in a sanatorium evacuees, said Zelensky.

President Vladimir Zelensky threatened to bring himself evacuated from China Ukrainians in the house of those politicians who incite people to block the placement of citizens in nursing homes, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

“I want to appeal to certain political parties that appeal to people… we know this information thanks to the law enforcement authorities… are turning to local residents and incite them to block roads. We need to understand we’re taking back our … about these “friends” … If you block the road, we’ll bring all our citizens in Koncha-Zaspa in their houses,” said the President.

According to him, some media spread misinformation that Ukrainians evacuated from China “somewhere, and not everyone is ready for this.” “There are several options and we are fully prepared,” said Zelensky.

The President stressed that the situation with the virus threat is under “complete control” of the Ukrainian authorities.

In turn, interior Minister Arsen Avakov condemned the actions of the Ukrainians, who don’t want to allow Ukraine their compatriots from China.

“Do not let coronavirus in Ukraine! No – says the session of the village Council… We will not allow these people to us because they carry the virus. Or collect session of the regional Council — We will not let these people to us! At this point, I am ashamed, and I want these people to ask: who are you going to let the Ukraine? People who got in trouble in the epicenter of one of the biggest disasters occurred?”, asked the Minister on air of the Freedom of speech.

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