Polygamist twice beaten at his wedding

And laughter, and sin.

In Pakistan, where the 440-pound man announced a search for a life partner, the bride’s relatives beat up the hapless groom who concealed from them the fact that he has two wives, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

The incident occurred last week in Karachi. Despite the fact that Pakistani law allows polygamy, before the wedding, the groom must obtain the official permission of his other wives.

However, Asif Rafiq Siddiqui decided not to devote that plans to marry for the third time, neither of his two wives nor the relatives of the new wife.

They learned about it from his first wife Madiha Siddiqui, who stormed into the Banquet hall in the middle of the celebration with the baby under the arm.

“This man is my husband and the father of this child,” said the woman on the groom.

But that was not the final revelation – the woman said that in 2018, her husband secretly married a second woman and told her about the wedding by Text message.

Relatives of the bride not become such a tolerate assaulted the groom, tore his clothes and beat him severely. Saved Siddiqui police arrived they delivered him to the station, but the newfound relatives were already waiting for him under the building.

As soon as the man left, the crowd again jumped on him to escape had under the bus.

Curiously, the local police have washed your hands, calling it the drama of a family event.

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