Named the most reliable cars in the world

At the top of the rankings were cars from South Korea.

Research company J. D. Power announced the results of last year to determine the most reliable cars. For the experts interviewed owners of new cars released over the past three years. It turned out that the most reliable proved to be the South Korean brand Genesis, reports the with reference for Today.

The survey involved 100 owners of 33 of the most popular car brands including BMW, Mercedes, Ford, VW and others. Participants talked about the challenges they faced during the two years of operation. The complaints are divided into several categories, but take into account everything from the failure of the headlamps and ending with problems with connecting smartphone via Bluetooth, and also overrated features driver assistance systems and multimedia equipment.

The top rating of reliability, to the surprise of experts, was brand Genesis: in the models revealed 89 complaints per 100 vehicles. In second place was Lexus, which recorded 100 complaints, and third place went to the Buick with a score of 103 complaints. While Genesis is involved in ranking for the first time, according to the rules, the car brand to be sold in the market not less than three years, to participate in the study.

Названы самые надежные автомобили в мире

Outsiders of the rating became four of the automaker, the vehicles which received maximum number of complaints from car owners. Among them: Volvo (185 complaints), Jaguar (186 complaints), Chrysler (214 complaints) and Land Rover with a record 220 complaints per 100 vehicles.

It is worth noting that the last eight years the leadership in the ranking by Lexus, as a representative of the most reliable cars in the world. Last year, he improved his record with 106 problems up to 100, but still shifted to the second place brand Genesis.

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