In Iran decided to repair the black boxes of the aircraft MAU

In Iran decided to “repair” the flight recorder and then try to decode it.

Iranian authorities have refused to transfer to other countries on decoding of “black box” shot down in Tehran airline UIA despite his injuries. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran Javad Zarif, according to the with reference to the Correspondent.

According to him, Iran has the full right to engage in decoding the flight recorder of the aircraft.

“We have the right to read the “black box”. We have the right to be present in any decoding. If we have to give the “black box” to others, so they decoded it for us, that we’re not,” said Zarif.

In turn, the Iranian defense Minister Amir Hatami said that the “black box” of the aircraft MAU badly damaged.

According to him, the government has asked the defence industry to help with the renovation of the “black box”.

“It was decided first to complete the repair of the “black box”, and then try to decode it. Currently they are busy with repairs,” – said the Minister.

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