Urgant amused by the parody of the Moscow hysterical

The video is gaining popularity.

Russian presenter Ivan Urgant ridiculed the fitness trainer and the participant of the contest “Miss Tomsk – 2013” Jan Dankov, which became notorious after a video where she beat the taxi driver on the shoulder, shouting, “Take me, filth!”, the Chronicle reports.info with reference to Browser.

So, videopedia published in Instagram account show “Evening Urgant”. In the video Urgant yelling and cursing in the Elevator, demanding that he “take”.

“Take me, scum. What are you doing? I have tables. Are you kidding me? Take me there! No, I’m lucky, punk… are You kidding me, because I Russian, Yes? If you are not lucky, these people will approach”, – hysterically shouted Urgant.

The footage also shows that in the Elevator pressing the floor you want to reach. His co-presenter Dmitry Khrustalev said that this approach does not work and advised to click the appropriate button.

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