The nutritionist explained why you can’t eat bananas on an empty stomach

They are not suitable for Breakfast.

Known nutritionist Daryl Joffrey advised to refrain from snacking bananas in the morning on an empty stomach, reports the with reference to Browser.

According to the specialist, this Breakfast is one of the worst. Joffrey explained that there are bananas in the morning is a bad idea, because the fruit is 25 percent sugar.

“Bananas will give you a quick boost of energy, but soon you get tired and hungry. They can be called natural candy eaten in the morning without anything, these benefits will lead to increased blood sugar levels and provoke keen appetite, leading to overeating,” explained nutritionist.

He noticed that bananas are rich in potassium, fiber, magnesium and other essential nutrients, which contribute greatly to health, but fruit alone is not enough to support the body before lunch.

“Eating fruit alone is a bad idea. You have to combine them with the healthy fats — peanut butter, natural yogurt, cereals, which neutralize the effect of sugar and prevent a spike in insulin. Without such balancing the many advantages of bananas are being lost, while in the blood increased levels of sugar and acid,” – said the expert.

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