Snoring is called a harbinger of dangerous diseases

Delay of breathing during sleep spoil the rest of the person.

Snoring can indicate a serious disease – obstructive sleep apnea, which is a violation of breathing during sleep, reports the with reference to Browser.

This was told by the doctor-otolaryngologist of the highest qualification Alexei Koshelev. He added that the snoring is not dangerous. Dangerous is that it is often a precursor to other diseases.

“The biggest trouble at night breathing is that the person begins to receive less oxygen. If this happens regularly, then it may result different troubles with the cardiovascular system. Snoring itself is not very scary, but if it is accompanied by stopping of breathing during sleep, it is a very big problem. It affects both children and adults,” said the medic.

He stressed that the delay of breathing during sleep spoil the rest of chelovek, because the brain has to Wake up to resume the breathing process.

“If you stop breathing during sleep occurs in a child, it loses oxygen, and therefore, his body is not developing. Where oxygen is the most wasted? On the muscles and the brain. In the morning the child wakes up restless, his appetite will be absent and so forth,” – warned the doctor.

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