Scientists figured out how to protect teeth from decay

There is a new method.

Scientists have found a new way to prevent the appearance of caries, which, in addition to problems with the teeth, can lead to cancer of the colon and rectum. To do this, Chinese researchers have created a coating that is everything else, and restores teeth, reports the with reference to Toneto.

About his invention of scientists from Anguissola medical University in China told in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

The Chinese called their invention the peptide lacquer and explained that its production using natural mechanisms.

Scientists have developed a special material, based on natural antimicrobial peptide H5 produced by the salivary glands. It turned out that this substance helps to protect teeth from narutoepisode bacteria.

Next to the substance scientists added phosphoserine, which attracted more calcium ions to restore the enamel than the natural H5. The result is a coating that helps to kill the germs before they reach the surface of the teeth.

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