Named a way to reduce the pressure in 15 minutes

It really works.

Hypertension in recent years has gained epidemic or even pandemic. Thus, according to various estimates, suffer from it every third or fifth person in the world, reports the with reference to Browser.

The main reasons for the development of hypertension are obesity, lack of exercise and poor diet, says a German cardiologist Martin Hall.

And, according to him, even small adjustments of these components have a favorable effect on health.

So, a 15 minute walk in the fresh air helps to reduce pressure on 5-8 units. Therefore, at least these light cardio should become your daily habit.

In addition, to normalize high blood pressure and with weight loss. “Every extra kilo puts additional pressure on the heart and blood vessels. And getting rid of excess weight will contribute to the normalization of. In particular, weight loss of 10 pounds will lower blood pressure by 5 to 10 points,” said the doctor.

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