It became known as earned by the Ukrainian banks for the year

Last year Ukrainian banks earned almost 60 billion, more than 32 of them — Private.

More than half of the record profits of Ukrainian banks in the past year received PrivatBank, according to data on the website of the National Bank, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

From 59,6 billion profit Privat received 32,609 billion.

The second position in the list of the most profitable banks continues to occupy Raiffeisen Bank Aval (4,749 billion UAH), the third – FUIB (2,623 billion UAH). In fourth position was fixed, UkrSibbank (2,580 billion) and fifth ranked OTP Bank (2,537 billion UAH).

However, Ukreximbank for the quarter was down from fourth position on the 11th, having declared 1,002 billion UAH of net profit, and the UGB have risen six places up to 10th, having recorded 1,299 billion.

The largest loss last year recorded PRAVEX Bank – 121,502 million, second place went to Skye Bank, the net loss which amounted to 27,543 million UAH, the third – Alpari Bank (18,435 million UAH), the fourth — Cominvestbank (17,982 million UAH), the fifth – Ukrainian Bank of reconstruction and development (4,409 million UAH). However, the Bank Credit Dnepr, which in the first nine months of 2019 was on third position according to the loss, declared 309,903 million UAH of net profit and occupied 18-e a place.

Overall, last year was profitable 69 of the 75 operating banks in Ukraine.

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