In the restaurant boldly robbed lawyer

A victim of pickpockets has become a Kiev lawyer and criminologist.

Yesterday afternoon, February 13, the restaurant “Fayna Familiya” in the capital’s Boulevard of Friendship of Peoples occurred daring theft. According to our police sources, the victim of pickpockets has become a Kiev lawyer and criminologist, who, ironically, pulls out from behind the bars of such characters as his attackers, reports the with reference to Country.

While the defender had lunch, briefly lost sight of my bag. And shchipachev only wanted a story. Taking advantage of the dining mess, they are unbeknownst to the victim seized his bag, which was more than 30 000 hryvnias to the branded purse, personal papers of a lawyer and an expensive laptop “Macbook” with official documentation of the lawyer.

When the victim missed the disappearance, immediately called the police, but the thieves had already gone. On the treatment of the victim brought criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 185 UK of Ukraine — Theft, but to catch the thieves have not yet succeeded.

The victim complained that most sorry of working documentation, which was stolen along with a laptop. The police say that of course the thieves do not return the laptop, knowing that robbed lawyer “CID”, on the contrary will try to quickly get rid of such dangerous “catches”.

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