In Munich called the 12 steps to end the war

Experts in a phased manner prescribed possible settlement of the conflict.

The participants of the Munich security conference issued its first statement on Ukraine, which was agreed on 12 steps to improve security on its territories, as well as in the Euro-Atlantic region, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Step 1. To restore the Joint center for control and coordination of ceasefire and stabilization of the demarcation line (SCCC). This initiative is necessary to enhance the implementation of the plan for the cease-fire. As you know, representatives of the Russian Federation left the Commission several years ago.

Step 2. Talks about fighting at “Norman Quartet) (proposing to extend the topics of the negotiations and to include the theme of fighting, and their termination).

Step 3. The extension of freedom of movement (it is proposed to increase the number of checkpoints).

Step 4. The tracing of missing persons.

Step 5. The planning and implementation of initiatives on mine action.

Step 6. Restoration of infrastructure of Donbass (the study of the economic potential, the creation of a donor Fund with the participation of the EU, Western companies). The Fund also asked to join Russia.

Step 7. The creation of a free trade zone (like the possibility of restoration of the Donbass are invited to create a free trade area — accordingly with different taxation).

Step 8. Support the roadmap for the sanctions (if the parties agree on “Munich” initiative, the implementation of the fixed points may be grounds for revising the sanctions against Russia).

Step 9. Elimination of radiation hazard (removal of radioactive, chemical ecology of Donbass, substances. It is now in the Donbas is more than 1200 such sources of toxicity).

Step 10. A new dialogue between the Euro-Atlantic structures on building mutual security.

Step 11. Support and identify areas of cooperation between the EU and Russia. It is noted that in 2020 the EU and Russia should withdraw electoral cooperation among the priorities,including supporting the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Step 12. Start a new national dialogue on issues of identity.

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