Created shoes with the aroma of fried chicken

The unusual footwear was the result of the collaboration of a network of restaurants of fast food KFC and the company Crocs.

The two brands co-created the shoes with the smell of fried chicken, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Unusual shoes created in collaboration network of fast food restaurants KFC and Shoe manufacturer Crocs. In the limited collection will be several types of summer sandals.

On top of the Shoe placed decorations in the form of fried chicken drumsticks and chicken flavor. The fact that the scent will persist for a long time and in any weather.

The shoes have a proprietary form of sandals Crocs. Their top is made with a print reminiscent of the crust of fried chicken. One of them will have high solid sole, depicting the KFC packaging.

It is reported that the shoes will come in a limited collection and will go on sale in the spring of 2020. The cost of one pair will be $59,99.

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