“Ukrposhta” stopped sending parcels to China: the reason

This is due to the reduction in the number of flights.

“Ukrpochta” has temporarily suspended sending of all types of parcels to China, due to a reduction in the number of flights to China, where raging epidemic of coronavirus, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Country.

“There are no prohibitions of the National postal service of China in the present. However, in connection with a significant reduction by most airlines for flights to China for an indefinite period, receiving all kinds of shipments to China is temporarily suspended. All shipments accepted before February 11, will be delivered, but the delivery time of postal items can be changed”, — stated in the message.

In “Ukrpochta” also warned that parcels from China can arrive with a significant delay. “Because of the significant reduction of flights by most airlines, the timing of the transit of mail to Ukraine can be increased”, — explained in “Ukrposhta”.

“The national China post and other logistics partners who deliver from this country to Ukraine, have no prohibitions from the who and the universal postal Union to export mail from China,” added the company.

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