Ukrainians will receive two bills for gas

Tariffs for fuel and its transportation will be considered separately.

Ukrainians will receive two bills for the gas on one sheet of paper – tariffs for fuel and its transportation will be considered separately, according to the with reference to Browser.

“When we speak to again make a single payment system, we are talking just about the convenience. We now communicate with transport companies and suppliers, and came to the conclusion that for the convenience of customers, they received these two bills on one sheet of paper,” – said at a briefing head of the National Commission carrying out regulation in the energy and utilities, Valery Tarasyuk.

According to him, to return to the old form of receipt for gas the Ukrainians still can not. This is due to the fact that the supplier and Transporter are different companies that provide individual services.

“Bills can’t be one. They are two different companies. We have now works gas market. Yes, it’s not perfect, but it will improve with each passing month. We must understand that transportation is implementing a monopoly. We can’t lay multiple networks, but they need to serve. And suppliers are already a lot, and there are many new” – summed up the head NKREKU.

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