The most important events in the world on a single resource

Every day around the world, many things occur, directly
influencing our lives. To keep track of everything is almost impossible. Few can
clock to watch news blocks on TV. Besides, this will be
not of much use. It is much better to learn all the news of the world on one online, just
after reading the relevant section on the website Journalists collect
all the important information about the main events and global trends.

How to follow world events

To meet people’s need in a succinct, high-quality and
veracity of the news should journalists. They put emphasis on the most important
and simplify the lives of Network users.

In order to be aware of events simply
to view the news feed on the Internet resource. It takes less than five minutes
a day. Business weekly “Kursiv” was created for people who care about
the situation in the country and abroad.

It delivers truthful and reliable information about incidents,
able to change the lives around us today. For example, the situation in
The middle East makes all the time to keep your finger “on the pulse”. Not less exciting
topic – the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

Not to panic ahead of time and to keep common
meaning, I advise you not to listen to the questionable blogger “insides”, and trust
reliable information from news agencies from around the world. All opinions
experts and relevant at the moment, the information collected on the website
the Internet publication Kursiv.

On the portal you can find fresh news about the countries of the CIS
and about foreign countries. Great attention is paid to the information directly
important for residents of Kazakhstan. To follow the business, financial, public and
the country’s cultural life also available on this online resource.

The advantages of business publication Italic”:

  • The information is presented in Russian and Kazakh language.
    Everyone can choose the most convenient option to explore
  • In articles you can find professional opinions
    experts, comments of officials and only validated information
    you can trust;
  • No “icteric” headers intended for
    to create excitement in a vacuum;
  • A comprehensive overview of the events that are important for each;
  • The ability to read columns of famous American
    edition of the Wall Street Journal in a high-quality translation;
  • The ability to follow new publications in
    social networks;
  • Notifications allowing the first
    to learn about all the most important;
  • A large number of topics of interest as businessmen
    and financiers, and ordinary people;
  • Simple and clear presentation of information.

Internet resource “Italic” working in the media sector for 18 years. Monthly
it is visited by more than 800 thousand readers. This edition you can trust. Get
operational, objective and timely information about all aspects of life of Kazakhstan
and the world now.

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