The interior Ministry denied alibi Dugar. Video

Law enforcement published the evaluation data.

The person involved in business on murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet of medistra Jan Dugar and its defense gave information that is untrue, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

The police brought three of his examples:

1. The suspect’s lawyers said that the video surveillance for identification dated 11.07.2019 when she was abroad. Police said: the videos are actually dated 07.11.2019 (“the numbers have been configured on the camera: first the month, then day”), when Dogar was in Pokrovsk, where she was videotaped in the supermarket.

“So the information about the stay Dugar abroad at the time of writing the comparative video is not true,” say the police.

2. Dugar and her defense saying that she couldn’t have anything to scout in Kiev on 15 and 18 July 2016, since these dates “could not leave the place of service”. The interior Ministry reports that only four months documenting in 2019 it 22 day was “AWOL” in different cities.

“Dugar without any problems and permissions has left a place of service,” — said the interior Ministry, adding that she three times was on vacation in 2019: 1-13 July from 31 August to 29 September, and 9-13 December.

3. Dugar not tell the truth about the first visit to Kiev, said the police. She said she first visited the capital in March 2017, but in her profile in social networks, the investigators found pictures of her on the independence 29.08.2012.

Also the police told about the results of the examination, which allegedly confirmed that the woman scout who takes pictures on cell phone camera surveillance in the route that followed the killer Sheremet — suspected Dugar.

According to law enforcement, examination of the Kiev research Institute of sudèkspertiz of the Ministry of justice has established the following General coincidence of individual features: the form and degree of slope of forehead; shape of nose; shape of the upper lip; the shape of the contour of the free edge of the right (visible) part of the red border of the upper lip; the chin; the length of the nose.

МВД опровергло алиби Дугарь. Видео

The results of the examination dated November 21, 2019.

The police added that for verification of the findings, the investigators have planned a series of events, but on December 20 Dogar refused to provide any evidence and any investigative actions.

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