Skater from South Korea completed a unique jump. Video

There was a video of her workout.

Skater from South Korea Yoo Yong sang on the two most difficult exercise for women item. Is a Quad Lutz and Quad loop, reports the with reference to Country.

Training videos 15-year-old girl appeared in Twitter account aalal_thgilnoom.

If doing a quadruple Lutz rare athletes, in particular, the Russians Alexander Trusov and Anna Shcherbakova, the Quad loop earlier, none of the women did not perform.

Unique jump was performed Yu Yong during a training ride. At competitions the quadruple loop is generally not given in any of the skaters.

This season, the young Korean was the winner of the youth Olympic games, and also took third place on the stage of the Grand Prix in Canada. She is a four-time champion South Korea. Trained athlete Tammy Gambill and mie Hamada.

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