Lesya Nikityuk has released its first clip. Video

Lesya Nikityuk presented to the society his first movie.

At the moment, Lesya Nikityuk is quite popular presenter, but her path to the pinnacle of success was thorny. The future star worked hard, including himself, to become the favorite of millions. However, progress on Les is not going to stop and now I intend to try myself in new roles. So, she started thinking about a career in music and has even released his first hit, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to hyser.com.ua.

We are talking about the sensational songs Lesya Nikityuk called “Yami” which she wrote specifically for travel-show Le Bus. Immediately after the program, when the star song was first heard, the viewers liked it very much. In this regard, Lesya Nikityuk and decided to officially release the track and make a video for him.

His first creation, the presenter shared on YouTube, because according to her, enough to sing only in karaoke. It is possible that the song “S” will be a springboard for nikitiuk into the world of the music business. By the way, she nikitiuk noted that the album left to record 8 more songs.

Users are very happy this reincarnation of Lesya Nikityuk and judging by the comments, the song they liked. Many of you wrote that Les so talented, and she’ll always work.

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