In Russia died legendary scout who saved Krakow

In Russia died scout Alexei Botya.

In Russia, on February 13, died a Soviet spy, Alexei Botya. He was 103 years old and he died just three days after his last birthday. His name went down in history due to the fact that it was he who led intelligence Taskforce, which prevented the destruction of Krakow by Nazi troops during the retreat in January 1945, reports the with reference to Country.

On the death of scout reported the head of the press Bureau of the foreign intelligence Service of Russia (SVR) Sergei Ivanov.

In the battle against fascism Alexei Botya joined on 1 September 1939. Fought in the Polish army as part of anti-aircraft calculation. His fighting score was opened on the first day of the Second world war, after disposing of Hitler’s Junkers. During the defense of Warsaw brought their number to three. Later Poland surrendered, the military unit in which he served, was surrendered to the red Army who liberated previously occupied by the poles in Western Belarus and Ukraine that these lands have not got to the Nazis. So Alexei Botya became a Soviet citizen, as the official site of the SVR.

With the beginning of the great Patriotic war Alexei Botya was enrolled in the intelligence school in the Omsbon (separate motorized rifle brigade of special purpose), where he was in training for the riders on the temporarily occupied territory. He studied a year and a half as the practical training during the period of the battle for Moscow was held a combat practice, participating in raids on the enemy’s rear in the suburbs.

In 1943 the reconnaissance and sabotage group “the Olympus” under the command of captain of state security Viktor Alexandrovich Karasev was sent to the area of the Ukrainian city of Ovruch in Zhytomyr region. In September 1943, under the direct supervision of Alexei Botana the operation was carried out on the explosion of Ovruch gebitskomissariat (regional administration) at the time when there were representatives of the Inspectorate and experienced specialists in the fight against the guerrillas, who arrived from Germany. It was destroyed about 80 Nazi officers.

In January 1945, Lieutenant Alesha (so nicknamed him the locals) has made what he considers the main achievement of his life. He was able to learn about the plan of the Nazis to undermine the dam reservoir on the Dunajec river. The spilled water was to stop the Soviet offensive. This will be flooded and destroyed Polish city of Krakow. Group Botana was able to mine the warehouse of explosives and ammunition, located in the Jagiellonian castle, and the plans of the Nazis, along with his undermining was literally waved in the air.

After the war Alexei Botya left to work in foreign intelligence as a scout-illegal. Not to say that everything was smooth and regular in its operational fate and life, but he honorably passed all the tests.

10 may 2007 by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation Colonel Alexei Botany was awarded the title of Hero of Russia. Handing him a Gold Star, Vladimir Putin said: “the most Beautiful city of Europe — the ancient kraków was saved for Poland and for the entire world culture is largely thanks to Your personal courage.”

By the way, in 1967 on the Soviet TV was released three-part film, directed by Eugene Takovym “Major Whirlwind”. Prototypes of the main character, major Whirlwind, who saved Krakow are three human. Is Alexei Botya, Hero of Ukraine Yevhen Bereznyak (awarded the highest award of the Polish “Virtuti Militari”), and each of Julian Semyonov, a famous writer Ovid Gorchakov (the author of the novel “call the fire itself”), which is written off with the appearance and character of the major Vortex.

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