In Russia died in a traffic accident, the Ukrainian zarobitchane

The accident killed 8 Ukrainian.

In Russia there was a terrible tragedy, which killed our countrymen, the citizens of Ukraine. In Pskov region the Mercedes-Benz head-on collided collided with a heavy truck Volvo, reports the with reference to Country.

The truck with the Belarusian private rooms and a minibus collided in Pustoshkinsky district of Pskov region. Killed 7 passengers and the bus driver, all of them citizens of Ukraine, who was driving home with earnings from St. Petersburg.

The truck driver Vyacheslav Ryabov (Belarus) and the only surviving passenger of the Mercedes Mykhailo Zelenchuk (Ukraine) were hospitalized in moderate condition.

The bodies of the Pskov region extracted from the remains of the van rescuers. Two victims were taken to the clinic of the Great Bows.

The preliminary cause of the accident: the bus driver miscalculated the distance when overtaking and collided with a wagon, as the Telegram channel Mash.

В России в ДТП погибли украинские заробитчане

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