In China discovered amber with the remains of an ancient bird

The age of the wing reaches nearly 100 million years.

Paleontologists from Meanman (China) found the amber, which was walled part of a bird’s wing. On the wing left the pen cover. It is assumed that the bird lived in the Cretaceous period. The study is published in the scientific journal Cretaceous Research, reports the with reference to Country.

The scientists published the results of a study in which it is not excluded that this individual is representative of the kind of enantiornithes.

The weight of the stone is 79.4 g has preserved a fragment of a bird’s wing length to 1 cm, This finding is notable because it has been preserved in excellent condition. On the left wing feather cover, which scientists can continue to study. According to the data obtained, the largest pen size — 3.7 cm. it is Therefore assumed that the bird itself could reach a length of 100 mm.

One of the representatives of a group of scientists commented on the discovery, saying that it will make a significant step forward in the study of creatures in the prehistoric period.

They also do not exclude the possibility that the species might already be known to scientists earlier, but it remains at the moment unknown. Experts have found that the age of the wing reaches nearly 100 million years. According to paleontologists, this finding will advance mainly in the study of birds the time of the dinosaurs.

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