In Britain, will be deprived of the property purchased for questionable money

It can also apply to Ukrainian ex-officials.

In the UK, came into force the law “Warrants outstanding assets of origin”, which simplifies the process of bringing to justice current and former officials, in particular from Ukraine and Russia for the acquisition of real estate for dirty money, reports the with reference to Country.

In addition, the subject of the investigation and also to the education of children or medical treatment in the UK.

Also from 1 January in the UK came into force the law “About criminal Finance”, which greatly facilitates law enforcement agencies in the UK the process of confiscation of assets whose origin is not explained (unexplained wealth orders, UWO). The law “Warrants outstanding assets of origin” is its continuation and detail.

“Now the British law enforcement authorities can start investigations in case of suspicion that some assets worth 50 thousand pounds was purchased by “politically exposed persons” (PEP — politically exposed person) with funds from obscure sources. In particular, through nominees, with the money from offshore companies or for cash of unknown origin”, — notes the edition.

“Politically exposed persons” are politicians, including deputies of different levels, former and current government officials, and senior officials of state-owned enterprises.

The act extends to associated with these “politically exposed persons” of people, in particular relatives and assistants.

“In fact, this presumption of guilt and that the owner of the property, Bank accounts or other assets that are suspect with the regulatory authorities of great Britain, is obliged to prove the legal origin of the funds. If we fail to explain that wealth is earned by honest means, the property can be confiscated”, — stated in the material.

As noted by Executive Director of Transparency International Ukraine Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, after the confiscation of the property of “purity” of the acquisition which caused doubts, can go “to the budget of the British crown or to another country if it will prove that money on this property was obtained by unlawful means, including the demonstration of a judicial decision concerning a particular person and his participation in corruption schemes”.

One of the initiators of the adoption of the law was Transparency International UK, which has information about suspicious transactions for the purchase of London property worth more than 4 billion pounds.

“Every 4 out of 10 luxury apartments or houses in London can be purchased with corruption money derived from other countries,” according to Transparency International UK.

According to the UK national Agency for combating crime (National crime Agency) in the UK each year is washed up to 90 billion pounds.

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