Cyclone Sabine in Ukraine will bring precipitation

Fresh weather forecast.

Thursday, February 13, in Ukraine will be dominated by wet weather, with occasional small sleet. In the Western and southern areas will be mainly without any precipitations, only in the Carpathian mountains — the snow, in the Crimea — a rain, reports the with reference to Country.

This was reported by the forecaster Natalia Didenko on the page in Facebook.

According to her, citizens of the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany will pour down rains and stormy winds cyclone Tomris, and with the Ukrainian weather will flirt we already know cyclone Sabine, which is located in the far North.

The temperature in most areas during Thursday will range within +1…+6 degrees, in the southern part is expected to +4…+8 degrees.

In Kiev February 13, places a small rain, strong westerly wind and about +3…+4 degrees. In the future will be dominated by windy moisture and relatively warm weather.

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