Ukrainians reminded about raising the retirement age

Those who are late born, are forced to work harder.

In Ukraine until 1 April 2020 the pension age for women is 59 years and from 1 April – 59 years and 6 months. This innovation provided for in the adopted 9 years ago, the gradual tightening of retirement for Ukrainians, reports the with reference to Browser.

As told in the Pension Fund, since 2021-th all Ukrainian will retire in 60 years. Those who are late born, are forced to work harder.

Since 2011 in Ukraine is gradually increasing the retirement age for women. Annually increasing it by 6 months, as a result, by 2021 on, he will be 60 years. The starting time of “deserved rest” depends on your date of birth. This year 59 years will be those born not later than September 30, 1960.

One of the main arguments against raising the retirement age – Ukrainians die early. Indeed, according to who, in developed countries of Europe people live 7-8 years longer. And in a health organization called the main reasons for short life expectancy: improper diet, untimely treatment, bad habits, passive lifestyle. And biologically, he says Iryna Kurylo, Ukrainians are absolutely no different from, for example, the Germans. Therefore, the die should not 67, and 80-90 years.

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