Named a national team of Ukraine at the start of the selection of Eurobasket 2021

The match will take place on February 20.

The coaching staff of national team of Ukraine on basketball, led by Ainars Bagatskis decided on the 16 players who will prepare for the qualifying matches of Eurobasket 2021, reports the with reference to Browser.

The rivals of our team in the tournament will be Austria (away game, February 20, the city of Graz) and Hungary (Zaporozhye, February 23).

Full list of basketball players who will attend training camp in Kiev, as follows:


Denys Lukashov (Prometheus, Ukraine), the first coach Irina Nasedkina

Vitaly Zotov (Chemist, Ukraine), the first coach Tatiana Zotova;

Ilya Sidorov (Prometheus, Ukraine), the first coach Sergei Pokrovom;

Maxim zakurdaev (Dnipro, Ukraine), the first coach Igor Ovsyannikov;

Kirill Marchenko (Chemist, Ukraine), the first coach Sergiy Marenych;

Alexander Linden (Prometheus, Greece), first coach Lyudmila Pokrovom;

Bogdan Bliznyuk (Kiev-basketball Ukraine), the first coach Philip Burkett;


Ivan Tkachenko (Cherkasskie Mavpy Ukraine), the first coach Anatoly Fedorenko;

Paul Kratos (Kiev-basketball Ukraine) first coach Bogdan Fedorenko;

Maxim pustozvonov (Kiev-basket, Ukraine), the first coach Yury Dyatlov;

Alexander Belikov (Cherkasskie Mavpy Ukraine), first coach Vladimir Masira;

Vyacheslav beavers (Fuenlabrada, Spain), the first coaches Sergey Bogachuk, Alexander


Sergei Pavlov (Kyiv-basket, Ukraine), the first coach of Alexander Ivlev;

Vladimir herun summarizes (Unicaja, Spain), the first coaches Michael Isovalence/Arina Grebneva;


Viacheslav Petrov (Kyiv-basket, Ukraine), the first coach Vladislav Yanaki;

Viacheslav Kravtsov (Neotenics, Japan), the first coach Sergei Komarov.

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