A nutritionist told me how not to break while on a diet

Nutritionist Victoria Cavil gave simple advice on how not to break during the diet.

As she wrote in a Telegram, home storage of harmful products from the refrigerator should be discarded. Instead, it is necessary that the house was always cooked healthy food, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Browser.

Domestic stocks. “If at the beginning of the play on the wall hangs a gun, then (by the end of the play) it should shoot” – that harmful food is the same. If the freezer is the ice cream or half a box in the cupboard is a packet of biscuits that “it is a pity to throw away”, it will be eaten! And now calculate how much time and money you spend on “burn off” those calories? Much more than the cost of a pack of ice cream! Ruthlessly remove all the harmful and if you want, you will have to make the effort and go to the nearest store,” wrote nutritionist.+

The fridge is empty. “If the house has nothing, and it will take an hour, then it is likely to have dinner in the nearest fast food. Try to you have always been of the workpiece or the products from which you can cook dinner in 15 minutes. It is not necessary to allocate the whole day. When you cook the meatballs/stuffed peppers/cut up the fish or cook the broth, just send the part in the freezer,” said Cavil.

Restaurant. “If you’re hungry, and the meeting will be long, do not limit yourself to a light salad. Satiety does not occur, and by the end of the night you “lose it” for dessert. Much better to choose a main meat/fish dish and a dessert. Sometimes children’s menu you can find good lunch options,” wrote the doctor.

She stressed that satiety occurs within 15-20 minutes after a meal.

“It is in those 20 minutes most of the gorge on either calories, often from sweets. So, after eating, always wait between 15 minutes on the food will not remember” – said Slander.

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