A famous scientist called the timing of the end of the outbreak of coronavirus

the peak of the disease will come in mid or late February

Senior medical Advisor to the government of China, epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan believes that the outbreak of coronavirus could be completed by April, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

According to 83-year-old epidemiologist who gained fame in the fight against the SARS epidemic in 2003, the outbreak of the virus in China this month has almost reached its peak. Zhong added that the outbreak will soon slow down as the number of new cases has already begun to decline in some regions of the country.

Epidemiologist confirmed that according to preliminary estimates, the peak should occur in the middle or at the end of February, followed by a stabilization in the number of cases and decrease.

“I hope that this outbreak could end in around April. We don’t know why the virus is so contagious, so it is a big problem,” said the medic.

At the same time, Jung said that the number of new cases in the southern Guangdong province and Zhejiang province and other places is gradually reduced.

Epidemiologist welcomed the government’s decision to close Wuhan, who “lost control of the virus at an early stage”.

“Local government, local health authorities should be responsible for it. Their work was not well executed,” – said Jun.

The physician also commented on how informed the reluctance of the Chinese government to share information has extended the outbreak of the SARS virus. This time, in the opinion of Zhong, Beijing much better cope with issues such as transparency and collaboration with who.

But according to epidemiologists, more needs to be done, including putting an end to the wildlife trade, improve international cooperation in the field of sanitary technology to improve the work of the centers for disease control and to create a global system to prevent potential epidemics.

In addition, the epidemiologist reported that the cure rate is quite low – less than 10% of confirmed cases, such data are a consequence of the fact that “the authorities leave nothing to chance”. Thus, many recovered patients are still under quarantine to be sure.

Zhong added that the wearing of masks outside the infected areas is not always necessary, and ban US entry from China was an overreaction.

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