Zelensky said, what should be the salary of Ukrainians

Zelensky showed a day of my life.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky want to believe that over the next 4.5 years the average wage in Ukraine will be able to increase to its size in Poland, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Country.

The head of state said in an interview for the movie “One day the President of Ukraine”, published on YouTube the President’s Office.

“I want us, the average wage was in Poland. I’m sure… Well, I want to believe that we are in these 4.5 years to implement this vision,” said Zelensky.

According to the President, that he compares Poland with Ukraine, because there are several million Ukrainians, and the increase of salaries in their home country — incentive to return. According to Zelensky, this level of average salary in Ukraine should be at least 70% of the Polish.

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