Murder in Kiev: a man was stabbed in the stomach

The murder occurred in the Shevchenko district.

In the Goloseevsky district of Kiev on 11 February there was a brutal murder – a man was stabbed in the stomach. After that, the bloodied victim was able to get home and to inform relatives about the attack, reports the with reference to Browser.

He died even before arrival of physicians from the received wounds.

He was pronounced dead on the street Slivna in the victim’s house. Previously, the man with difficulty reached home, where he told the stepdaughter that he was stabbed and he dies. The girl immediately called an ambulance and the police, but the victim died. He didn’t tell looked like a striker.

The man was 41 years. Law enforcement agencies have already surveyed the surrounding streets, interviewed witnesses and began to search for a possible murderer or even a whole group.

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