In South Korea engineers “revive” a dead girl. Video

The girl died in 2016.

In South Korea, with the help of virtual reality, the woman was able to “meet” with the deceased in 2016 daughter, reports the with reference to Browser.

The relevant episode was shown on Korean television in the program “Meeting You” (“I met you”).

Participation in the program adopted Jung JI-sung. Her daughter died from leukemia. The girl called This was only 7 years old.

For women it was a heavy blow: she got a tattoo of his daughter’s name, and her ashes put into a pendant, which removes for four years.

Engineers and developers of virtual reality has brought the girl. A documentary crew spent more than eight months to thoroughly reproduce the baby.

Jung JI-sung was able to talk to her, to hold hands, to celebrate her birthday with candles on the cake.

Jung JI-sung says he’s happy because of the possibility to see the daughter, though in VR. “I hope after this show, many will remember This”, she added.

Note: the video, posted on February 6, four days later raised more than 8.7 million hits.

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