In Moscow Prancer depicted coronavirus. Video

He faces five years in prison.

In Moscow were sent to jail for a month Prancer from Tajikistan Karomatullo dzhabarova, who directed the video, as his friend falls down in the subway and portrays the convulsions on the news about the outbreak of Chinese coronavirus worldwide, reports the with reference to Country.

As noted, the man posted the video in the Internet, after which it drew attention in the Moscow subway, by sending a written communication to the law enforcement bodies with the request to find and punish the bully.

As it turned out in court, Jabbarov arrived in Russia from Tajikistan and worked as bartenders, waiter and cashier. In parallel he was involved in the shooting of pranks for his YouTube channel. A criminal case under article “Hooliganism”. Gaborova faces up to 5 years.

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