Fatal accident in Kiev: VAZ broke into two parts

The driver died on the spot.

On Tuesday, February 11, near Proliskova in Boryspil district of Kiev there was a terrible accident. Volvo truck collided with a car VAZ, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Country.

As noted, the accident happened around 10: 00. As told the truck driver to the police, the driver of VAZ suddenly and at great speed left on an oncoming traffic (which was driving the truck) to pass, and when I saw the truck began to brake, but the car started to slide sideways and he fell under the truck.

“The blow was such force that the car broke in half. Unfortunately, from the received traumas the driver of VAZ-y (40-45 years old) died on the spot. The traffic in this place is seriously hampered”, — stated in the message.

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