Causes cancer: this popular product is more dangerous than alcohol

Reduce their consumption.

Excessive consumption of red meat, which was a chemical treatment, can lead to the development of cancer, particularly pancreatic cancer, reports the with reference to Browser.

This convinced the oncologist Andrei Pylev. What other products should be avoided, not to provoke the disease.

So, according to the specialist, it is recommended to use less very hot food.

Unlike other oncologists, Pylev believes that alcohol is only indirectly contributes to the appearance of cancer.

At the same time, he says, such products as chocolate and coffee can increase the risk of other pathological conditions. However, they do not lead to the development of cancer.

“Of the proven factors is excess consumption of chemically-treated red meat, reducing the amount of fiber in the diet. If the alcohol, there is a very indirect way of cancer, and we are not talking about alcohol in General,” said high.

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