The hryvnia strengthened over the weekend

The national Bank calculated the value of the Ukrainian currency against the dollar and the Euro.

On Monday, February 10, the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has calculated the official rate of hryvnia against major foreign currencies, reports the with reference for Today.

1 USD – 24,54 UAH;1 Euro of 26.90 UAH 10 Russian rubles – UAH 3,85.

Thus, in comparison with the values Friday, February 7, the dollar fell by four pennies after a fall from 22 cents in the previous banking day. The official exchange rate fell below the psychological mark in 25 hryvnia. For the week of 3 February, the hryvnia has strengthened against the American currency already at 49 cents.

The Euro today fell by 14 cents, after falling 28 cents in the previous banking day. The value of the Euro fell below the psychological mark of 27 hryvnia, which exceeded the 28 January. The value of 10 Russian rubles today fell by four pennies. The hryvnia generally already compensated for the fall in first week of February and returned the end of January 2020.

As you know, the official dollar exchange rate is calculated on the basis of performance on the interbank market, but with some lag. On Friday, February 7, the dollar fell by seven cents in purchasing and six in the sale. The American currency closed at the level of 24.50/24,53 UAH (buy/sell). The European currency fell in price by 14 kopecks in buying and 12 – for sale. To close, the Euro was traded at the level of 26.88/26,91 UAH (buy/sell). Today’s auction has not started yet.

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