The goalkeeper saved a penalty and scored a goal. Video

The goalkeeper became the hero of the match.

An interesting case occurred in the championship of Saudi Arabia on football between “al-Hilal” and “al-Rashid”. The hero of the match was the goalkeeper of the visiting team Miuf Abdullah, reports the with reference to Browser.

On the 89 th minute when the score was 1:2 in the gate of the guests was appointed penalty, but the guardian of the gates “al-Rashid” correctly guessed the direction of impact and in a beautiful jump hit the ball flying into the corner.

On the sixth minute of stoppage time of the game a foul was recorded in the opposite penalty area. Miuf bravely volunteered to break with the “point”, literally picking the ball from the club partners. And the result to set the final, winning for his team the score 3:1.

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