It became known how much China spent on combating coronavirus

China has allocated $10 billion to fight the spread of infection.

To combat coronavirus Executive of China has allocated 72 billion yuan, or $10 billion of which has already spent $4.5 billion. Relevant data are the Ministry of Finance of the PRC Monday, February 10, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“As of 18:00, 8 February, at all levels allocated 71,85 billion yuan ($10 billion) as means for the prevention of epidemics and control, and the actual expenditure amounted to 31 to 55 billion yuan ($4.5 billion). Among them, the Central government has allocated of 17.29 billion yuan ($2.5 billion)”, — stated in the message Department

The authorities also emphasize the need for improved control and feedback for the most efficient use of the allocated money.

“It is necessary to strictly observe the law on financial intermediation, improve the mechanism of supervision over the funds, strictly keep records and proper way to master special means”, — concluded the Ministry of Finance.

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