In Turkey found an ancient statue of immortality

Found a stele with a height of 123 cm

In Turkey the archaeologists during the excavation found a stone stele with the age of about 2500 years, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

An unusual stone was in the area of the ancient cemetery in the village Ormanli Senkovskogo district. First it was noticed by a local shepherd named hitach Alver, who was grazing cattle nearby. He examined the stone and noticed that it cut out some signs. Alver reported the discovery to the provincial Museum, from which the place was soon a delegation of four experts.

Archaeologists noticed that discovered the find resembles a human figure and represents immortality. Stele with a height of 123 cm and a width of 45 centimeters.

The artifact archaeologists have identified the monument called “Tash-woman”, which translates as “stone of the father.” The installation of these sculptures was typical of Turkic cultures. They are usually installed in cemeteries and portrayed either of late, which often came from the nobility, or of his ancestors.

Looking around found the stele experts said, because it is decorated with symbol elixir — a legendary water which was believed in ancient times, granted immortality to those who drink.

In General, these stele are of great archaeological rarity, but for Turkey it is a rarity. It is only the fourth such artefact excavated in Anatolia. Besides, he was the oldest of them. These stelae are usually found near the burial mounds in the steppes of southern Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Mongolia.

By the way, the stele was also found next to the mound. Scientists suggest that it was created by the Kipchaks, a Turkic people who inhabited the Eurasian steppes in the vast territory from the Danube river in the West to the Altai mountains in the East.

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