In Switzerland will be punished for homophobia

Now the service workers will not be able to deny people because of their sexual orientation.

In Switzerland, a referendum of local residents endorsed the criminalization of homophobia, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

At the end of 2018, the regional Parliament approved the extension of existing anti-discrimination law to make illegal the public vilification, discrimination or incitement to hatred based on sexual orientation of a person.

Opponents of the changes insisted that it would violate people’s right to freedom of opinion and gathered enough signatures to hold a referendum on the issue.

Note that Switzerland holds referendums several times a year that give voters a direct say in political decision-making.

Now the voters supported the ban of discrimination of homosexuals with the advantage of 63.1% to 36.9 million. Of the 26 cantons of Switzerland, only three — Appenzell Innerrhoden Schwyz and URI had the most votes against the criminalization of homophobia.

The new legislation means that employees of restaurants, cinemas and public facilities such as swimming pools, will not be able to deny people because of their sexual orientation.

For breach the law provides for fines and up to three years of imprisonment.

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