In Iraq said that the US began to withdraw troops from the country

The US does not comment.

In the Iraqi Parliament announced the beginning of the withdrawal of troops U.S. out of the country. On Monday, February 10, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Reportedly, the United States began the withdrawal of its troops with 15 military bases.

“The United States began to leave Iraq, as American forces began de facto to be displayed with 15 military bases,” said al-Ghanimi.

The MP also said that “the Americans have limited his presence in two major databases”. He said that this base near the city of Erbil in the North of the country, as well as the airbase Ayn al-Asad, located in Anbar province, 180 km West of Baghdad.

According to al-Ghanimi, the United States seeks to gain a foothold in these two bases, however, “Parliament and the Iraqi people insist that American troops were withdrawn from all bases”.

Washington while this information has not commented.

Update: Later the official representative of the joint command of the Iraqi armed forces Tahsin al-khafājī has denied the information about the withdrawal of American troops.

“There are reports allegedly began the withdrawal of American troops from 15 bases, they are not true. In Iraq, never have so many American bases,” said al-khafājī RIA Novosti.

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