In Europe because of the hurricane killed six people

Hurricane Chiara became deadly.

The victims of the hurricane “Chiara” that struck Europe, were six people. In the Czech Republic, Slovenia and in southern England due to wind 150 km/h and killed one person, two in Poland and one in Sweden, reports the with reference to Country.

In particular, in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and in southern England has killed one person — the victims were the drivers of the cars which fell trees. Two more people were killed at a ski resort in Poland, when indoors due to inclement weather, the roof collapsed. Two more people were injured. In Sweden one person drowned after the boat on which he was sailing with a companion on the lake Fagan overturned. The second passenger is still unaccounted for.

Also hurricane Chiara led to the cancellation of hundreds of flights and trains in Europe.

In addition, the storm left without light 130 thousand houses in France, 62 thousand homes in the UK, 50 thousand houses in the German Federal state of Bavaria, 10 thousand — in Ireland.

In the UK meteorologists have warned the population about the increased risk of flooding, and in France and Ireland, the authorities encouraged the public to exercise caution in coastal areas because of the danger of storm surges and flooding.

Gusts of wind “Chiara” up to 150 km/h on the North-West of Wales and in the North of France and 140 km/h.

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