Goncharuk explained his words about the “economic knowledge” Zelensky

The Prime Minister had to make excuses.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk declared that did not give their assessment of “economic knowledge” of President Vladimir Zelensky in conversations, records of which were subsequently introduced into the network, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Browser.

The Prime Minister evaded the question, not did the nasty history of wire on his trust to the people working in the government.

“First, I have not assessed the knowledge Zelensky, it is not. The phrase was taken out of context. We discussed the presentation, and I explained to my colleagues that, in the imaginary mind of the client, i.e. the person will present certain your logic, should form a certain image. And so, that’s another story,” explained Goncharuk.

According to him, “the President is very smart” and is not questioned. Also, according to the Prime Minister, the head of state has great experience in the business.

“I think he’s a good Manager and a fairly wise man. And this is the rating that I always actually spread in all classrooms,” again said Goncharuk.

The head of government noted that they do Zelensky partners, but he doesn’t think he owes her political career.

“We have a common goal, and it unites us in this case. So it’s true, it is, in my opinion, knows how to trust people, and this is another feature, which you can learn from him,” – said Goncharuk.

The Prime Minister also commented on the video, where Zelensky gave him a second chance after his resignation. As noted by many Ukrainians, they didn’t look like partners but rather as “a strict teacher and a guilty schoolboy”.

“Well, I’m not an expert in drama. It may look different, but the main message we tried to convey that we maintain the ability to work together as a team, and I can and willing to hear the President. For us, for the government, it is the tuning fork – the customer, the customer, because he really is pretty thin, in my opinion, feels the mood of the people and their needs. And personally, I compare with him the correctness of the decisions we make,” concluded his explanation Goncharuk.

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