Bill gates bought a unique yacht for 644 million dollars

The only release of the vessel — water.

The founder of Microsoft bill gates became the owner of eco-friendly yachts hydrogen fuel. The ship Aqua Sinot gates paid 644 million dollars, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Aqua has a futuristic design, developed by a company from the Netherlands. For the first time the ship was presented last year at the show in Monaco.

Paripalana yacht is 112 meters in length. It is designed for 14 passengers and 31 crew members. Aqua has a pool, a helipad, a Spa and a gym.

Liquid hydrogen, through which a yacht can reach a speed of 17 knots (32 km/h) and passes 3750 miles without refueling, is located below decks in two tanks vacuum insulated weighing 28 tons.

The hydrogen, cooled to -253°C, the interaction with oxygen generates energy for the two motors with capacity of one megawatt. The only thing that throws the boat is the water.

Aqua first acquired the 64-year-old billionaire yacht. Earlier gates they rented.

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