The murder of a man in a dash: more

The intruder claimed that he didn’t want the man dead.

The girl in Poltava, shot and killed instructor shooting range, went there after quarrel with her boyfriend, reports the with reference to Browser.

According to the young man, 18-year-old resident of the Dnieper river, he met through the Internet.

The guy described the girl as emotionally. It is, as he said, has repeatedly shown a willingness “to kill someone” wanted to go in the area of environmental protection, but the military refused to take the service.

On February 8 the court took the suspect into custody for a period of 60 days. It became known that the detained Veronica Motorina, which in 2018 was in the wanted list. At the meeting she stated that she allegedly didn’t want the man dead.

There is information that her mother treated in a psychiatric hospital beyond Poltava region.

Between the pair often had conflicts because of jealousy. On the eve of the girl got jealous young man to a woman investigator, who was investigating his claim of stealing cars for a tattoo. After a quarrel the girl went to relieve stress in a shooting gallery “Ob CT 7.62 mm”, where for fifteen months while living in Poltava, often visited.

The 64-year-old instructor Igor Smolyaninov she fired two bullets from a pistol Margolin. Nearby another instructor tried to stop an angry visitor. During the struggle she managed to fire a third time, but the second instructor was not hit.

Girl-shooter tried to flee but were apprehended by police. According to law enforcement, she looked very calm and said that I had no intention to kill anyone.

The data was confirmed by the police. “Girl from Dnipro in Poltava came to the guy she met over the Internet. Lived in Poltava with him a month and a half, then they had a falling out. Went to the shooting range to shoot. Several times popravlyus, and then began to shoot the instructor. They wanted to hurt and the second instructor, but it failed to stop, and seized weapons,” – said the head of the police Department Sergei Bagul.

In the Unified register of information made under part 2 St. 272 criminal code of Ukraine – violation of safety rules during the execution of works with high risk. Investigations are continuing.

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