Mass murder in Thailand: new details

Sergeant killed 27 people.

On Saturday, February 8, in Nakhon Ratchasima in northeast Thailand soldier opened fire on people near to Terminal 21 shopping Mall, reports the with reference to Browser.

According to official information, killed 27 people, injured – 51.

The main thing about the attack:

  • The guy was Jakrapan Thomma, professional shooter – was stolen from its military base car, stole weapons and ammunition.
  • He killed two fellow officers and commander, and then went to the Mall.
  • Before the shooting in Terminal 21 he published a photo with a gun. The beginning of the execution was broadcast online on his page in Facebook.
  • Militiamen delivered to TC the mother of the military, hoping that she will persuade him to surrender.
  • As a result, the security forces stormed the building and brought some visitors.
  • Arrow long time could not find, after searching at this, the four floors of the building.
  • He later clashed with riot police and managed to leave the shopping center.
  • The man killed a special forces soldier, another wounded.
  • He was eliminated in the shopping center Terminal 21 in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), where he was hiding for more than 17 hours.

It is known that the first soldier killed his commander after the conflict, and two others in a military camp. He then stole the car and it shot people on the street. After that, he came to the Mall, where they again opened fire.

During the shooting the man drove straight translatie in Facebook. In the video he said that he was tired finger from the fact that he was the one pulling the trigger. The page was immediately blocked.

The identity of the offender is established. According to Lieutenant General Tanya Chriatiana (Thanya Kriatisarn), his name is Jakrapan Thomma (Jakrapanth Thomma), he’s a senior Sergeant. Also identified was he killed Colonel Anantaram of CRASA (Anantharot Krasae).

Before you go to the Mall Terminal 21, the military fired at the building from a hand grenade. The explosion killed and injured several people. Also on the ground floor of the store the fire started.

The Prime Minister of Thailand, General prayut Chan-OCHA has instructed the police and military to detain the shooter.

Special forces blocked the area near the Mall. The police also brought to the scene the mother of the shooter, so she tried to convince him to surrender.

Soldier before you make a shot, managed to steal from the military unit of not less than 700 rounds.

He’s a professional shooter, who in the past has won several prizes in shooting competitions.

In the result of police and soldiers went to the Mall. They helped some visitors out of the building. It is reported that there was renewed shooting.

The work of law enforcement officers in the building got on camera:

After the Thai police has asked all local television stations to stop live broadcasts from Korath in connection with the storming of the room where the shooter took refuge from the hostages.

Special forces reported that examined the first three floors of the Mall, not finding the criminal and his hostages. After the examination of the fourth floor so they do not found. The operation continues.

All of the Terminal 21, the security forces brought more than thousands of visitors, fugitives from in the Mall shooter.

“Despite the fact that the operation began over an hour ago, people still continue to bring out of the building,” reported a local TV channel.

Subsequently seized hostages in the shopping center the man clashed with riot police on a multi-storey car Park. He managed to leave the shopping center.

According to recent reports, he killed a special forces soldier, another wounded.

Add: there was an ominous post of the soldier, published before the massacre on his page in Facebook. “Death will escape no one,” wrote Thomma.

Having random shooting in a shopping Mall, he took hostages. And then on his page in the social network appeared the question: “Should I give up?”. After a couple of minutes his account was banned for advocating violence.

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