In Ukraine will be colder to — 17°

Fresh weather forecast.

Frosts in Ukraine will last long — after a couple of days on the bulk of the country will not be cold even at night. However, Sunday, February 9, will be still cold and the snow that fell in most areas, will not melt. And on Tuesday the rain, reports the with reference to Country.

On the left Bank of the Dnieper is expected cold temperatures from -1 to -7 in some places. At night the temperature in some Central and Eastern and some Northern areas will show from -6 in Chernihiv to -17 degrees in Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kharkov and the Dnieper.

The South of Ukraine will be relatively warm day — up to 3 heat and with temperatures down to -13 at night.

In Western Ukraine the day will be around +2…+5 degrees, and at night the temperature will drop to -6. Precipitation in Ukraine is not expected.

While in the East of Ukraine at night the temperature can drop to -17 degrees.

В Украине похолодает до — 17°

Monday, January 10, will be a little warmer. The cold will be East and some Central and Northern regions of the country. In Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Dnepr and Kharkiv are expected night temperatures down to -16 degrees. Day in these regions the temperature will be from -1 to +4 degrees. In Sumy and Poltava in the night to +10, and about +3.

In other regions of Ukraine the weather will be about the same. At night you can expect frost about -5 degrees, but in Kherson expected -12. And in the afternoon columns of thermometers will show from +5 and above in most regions of Ukraine.

In Western areas the snow is expected on the rest of the country is Sunny.

В Украине похолодает до — 17°

On Tuesday, February 11, will be in Ukraine is much warmer night temperatures down to -7 degrees will remain only in the Eastern part of Ukraine and some Central regions — Zaporozhye, Dnieper, Poltava. Also a small night frosts can be expected in Kharkiv region. On the left Bank of the Dnieper in the afternoon the temperature will be from -1 to +4 degrees, and on the right coast will be noticeably warmer — you can prepare for a +4…+8 degrees.

Throughout the Ukraine is expected to rain or sleet.

В Украине похолодает до — 17°

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