Debunked the popular myth about the dangers of coffee

The drink does not contain any toxins.

Coffee will not bring any harm to the body healthy adult, if consumed moderately, reports the with reference to Browser.

Also the drink does not contain any toxins. The popular myth about coffee debunked expert on tea and coffee Elizaveta Tikhonova.

She said that the calorie content of a Cup of coffee without sugar, milk and other supplements is almost zero. The feeling of energy is achieved only due to the effects of caffeine.

According to experts, coffee affects organiz stronger than tea. It affects a person for eight hours and has a distribution effect. Unlike tea, the effect of which is much stronger and lasts approximately two hours.

Tikhonov is not recommended to drink coffee for the children, because in the period when there is a formation of the body, there may be deviations that will occur in the future.

She noted that in the coffee beans contain many vitamins and the body needs trace elements. When roasting many of the beneficial properties are lost, but preserves the vitamins of group B.

“If you drink coffee and eat an Apple, the vitamin C absorb better,” – said the expert.

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