Debunked popular myths about the daily rate of water

Swiss scientists came to the conclusion that the use of ordinary water for man exaggerated.

According to them the daily rate equal to two liters of water per day does not correspond to scientific evidence, reports the with reference to

Experts Gothenburg medical Academy Sahlgren claim that the rate of water consumption for each individual and a common standard does not exist. It all depends on how the human body needs varies depending on various factors.

Doctors stress that water consumption in the evening should be much less than a day.

If a person leads an active lifestyle, then the fluid in the body will be used up faster. People who are long are in the room, will drink much less water. If one is engaged in sport, fluid intake is increased.

Uniform norms for all men does not exist, but there are still those common minimums that should be adhered to. For example, coffee drinkers need to increase the amount you drink.

In addition, the researchers noted that the liquid a strong impact on the metabolism has not.

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